The Hunter Presbytery is the over-arching regional council of the Uniting Church in the Hunter region of NSW.

The Presbytery is formed by representatives (ministry agents and lay people) of some 30 Congregations within the Hunter region. Some congregations have multiple worship centres, so there are approx. 55 locations around the Hunter where the Uniting Church worships of a Sunday and other key holy days.

The role of the presbytery is to stimulate and encourage congregations within its bounds, including strengthening and assisting one another and encouraging congregations’ participation in the wider aspects of the church including individual and corporate actions in society – a niche area of the Uniting Church in Australian society.

For the Uniting Church, the true test of our faith in Jesus Christ are our individual and corporate actions in our Australian society.

God’s compassion for the world shown by Jesus Christ was not just an ethic for relationships between individuals. It includes social compassion that challenges societal norms, social structures and communal arrangements that are destructive of human well-being.

“Support congregations and our other ministries  and encourage mutually supportive ministries that liberate visible communities of courage and hope.”

Worship Locations